Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 2010 - still lots of snow...

Gavin tests the creek ice

Snowman completed

Ocean still frozen...

Very few swimmers...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Saint Marguerite Island

The ferry that took us across to Saint Marguerite Island.


"Look, a sinking ship!"


French Riviera

We had a fantastic time touring the French Riviera in April '09.

The home of our Sunday Morning Meeting.

Our modern hotel room at Le Mistral in Cannes.

Our favorite breakfast stop.

Madrid, Spain

We joined Bob on a business trip to Madrid, Spain. The shopping was fantastic.....from the selection to the prices.

Touring the Real Madrid Stadium and sitting in the posh leather field seats.

At La Posada de la Villa, we feasted on the specialty: roasted baby lamb.


We took a 'Family Trip' with some of our friends from Copenhagen International School Bornholm (An island east of Denmark in the Baltic Sea .) It was a wonderful extended weekend of sand, rocks, glass and friendship.

My friend, Trude.

Preston is happy as a lark because he's holding a bag of chocolates!

The sand on Dueodde beach is superfine and was exported for use in hourglasses.

Hunting for treasure.

2 men, 3 fishing poles and 0 fish!

My dear friends, Mirjam (Dutch)and Trude (Norwegian).

Part of the gang......

....the rest of the gang.

Stein Ove (Norwegian), Jeroen (Dutch) and Bob.

Every road runs into the sea.

We even found monkeys on the island!

The largest prehistoric carved rock found on Bornholm.

A jolly 'ol fellow.

Tour Guide.

Hammerhus - medieval fortress ruins.

Osterlars - the largest of 4 round churches.

Bornholm is well known for their herring smokehouses.